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“Far and away better than anything that Abercrombie & Kent can offer…”

–Dr. Walter & Sharon Davisson
Photography: Paul Donahue. Jaguars of Brazil’s Pantanal.


“Exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, care, caring and safety…”

–Toby, Michael, Christina & Elizabeth Pearson


Our Company

Inka’s Empire Corporation is a luxury tour operator that offers private archaeological and ecological explorations in the land of the Incas – present-day Peru, Ecuador and Chile – as well as in Argentina and Brazil. Inka’s was founded in the Inca capital of Cuzco in 1991, established as an American partnership in New York City in 1997 and incorporated in New York State in 2001.

We are expert tour designers with more than two decades of experience in South America. In each country, we have sought out the local operator who can execute our masterfully-designed itineraries with the quality and personal attention that we demand. We are a small company that truly cares about our guests and their satisfaction, as evidenced in their letters to us, one of which is quoted above.

We guarantee the services of our local operators, all of whom we have worked with for many years, and yet our guests pay no more than if they were to arrange for their services directly. Guests, thus, benefit from our expertise, enjoy the security of our guarantee and avoid the complications of dealing with foreign entities, all without additional cost.

Arcana Mundi Expeditions is the trade name used by Inka’s to present its South American wildlife expeditions in partnership with Hotel Fazenda Santa Tereza, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil (owner of the Jaguar Research Center Reserve and operating as “SouthWild”). SouthWild was founded by our scientific advisor, Dr. Charles A. Munn.


Our Scientific Advisor

Our extreme wildlife experiences only are possible thanks to the lifelong research and exclusive access of Dr. Charles A. Munn, one of the world’s leading conservation biologists. Our tours are reserved for just a few scientists, special film crews, professional photographers and you.


“One of the best photography trips we’ve ever had.”

–John and Carol Fryer, June 2015


“Your first port of call for sightings of jaguars, pumas and wolves…”

Animal Experts, Condé Nast Traveller, March 2013



Northern Pantanal: Jaguars

If your quest is to experience the world’s rarest wildlife, Arcana Mundi is the place to begin. In Brazil’s Pantanal, the Jaguar Zone discovered by our scientific advisor is considered the best place on Earth for photographing those big cats.


Southern Pantanal: Red-and-Green Macaws, Río da Prata Fish Snorkel, Giant Anteaters & Ocelots

We recommend the southern Pantanal as an extension to our Jaguar tour in the northern Pantanal for those guests who want a longer wildlife experience in Brazil. Our Southern Pantanal tour offers the best chance to see Giant Anteaters and Ocelots. As well, a vast sinkhole falls precipitously into the Earth, holding within it a galaxy of Red-and-Green Macaws that live in the cavities of the pink sandstone walls. Nearby, the crystalline waters of the Río da Prata abound with colorful fish, creating a remarkable snorkeling experience.


Amazon Rainforest: Pink Dolphins, Harpy Eagles, White Uakaris & Golden-backed Uakaris

Black Waters & White: The Two Worlds of the Amazon, designed by our scientific advisor, is a unique voyage of discovery to the two great and very different worlds of the Amazon rainforest: The mysterious Blackwater World of the Río Negro and the prolific Whitewater World of the Amazon River. The tour will travel to the two extremes of the greatest protected area of tropical rainforest on the planet. It will begin with a visit to the world’s largest and most pristine reserve of tropical rainforest in the Blackwater World – the 5.8-million-acre (2.3-million-hectare) Jaú National Park, which lies at the eastern end of the 15-million-acre (six-million-hectare) Central Amazon Conservation Corridor. The tour will continue and conclude at the western end of the Conservation Corridor with a contrasting visit to the greatest of the reserves in the Whitewater World – the 2.7-million-acre (1.1-million-hectare) Mamirauá Reserve, which protects the largest flooded forest in the world.


Northeastern Brazil: Maned Wolves, Hyacinth Macaws & Bearded Capuchin Monkeys

Within and adjacent to Brazil’s Parnaíba Headwaters National Park, the endangered Maned Wolf and Hyacinth Macaw are guarded in a private reserve created by our scientific advisor. The reserve also protects the Green-winged Macaw and tool-using Bearded Capuchin Monkey. This unique combination of wildlife treasures and perfect light make it one of the premier photo locations in the country.


Iguazu Falls: Coatis, Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Scarlet-rumped Caciques, Toco Toucans & Red-breasted Toucans

Iguazu Falls is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the planet. Its more than 270 streams suddenly appear from the rainforest to form a myriad of cataracts, large and small, which mingle and blend graciously with the surrounding flora. Walking with a biologist guide, guests will observe the incredible diversity of plants and animals. The most conspicuous and interesting species that guests are likely to sight and photograph include Coatis, Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Scarlet-rumped Caciques, Toco Toucans, Red-breasted Toucans (perhaps the most beautiful of the world’s 39 species of toucans), Dusky Swifts (by the hundreds and thousands, nesting on the moist or wet walls behind the falls) and 9 species of hummingbirds


Río de Janeiro: Golden Lion Tamarins

In the Atlantic coastal forest near Río, the amazing Golden Lion Tamarin has been rescued from near extinction. Normally it is hard to get the conservation biologists to open the site even to scientists, but we know how to get it open for you – and you will observe these rare creatures face to face.



Torres del Paine: Pumas

On 1 April 2015, the Torres del Paine National Park banned any Puma searching off the roads or off of a single, 6.2-km-long, authorized trail from Porteria Sarmiento Park Gate to Porteria Laguna Amarga Park Gate. Thus, something like 99.9% of the Puma viewing opportunities in the national park are history. Now, imagine the ideal place on planet Earth to sight Pumas – a 17,000-acre private ranch surrounded on three sides by Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. On the south side is Lago Sarmiento, while on the north and west sides is the most Puma-rich zone of the park. The Pumas wander freely between this zone and the ranch, attracted by thousands of wild Guanacos, which are the Pumas’ favorite prey. Thanks to years of conservation talks with the owners and painstaking negotiations by our scientific advisor, Arcana Mundi Expeditions now can offer Puma tours on the newly-established Reserva Pumas del Paine. Your visit will fuel both the protection and the proper, sustainable appreciation of the Pumas at Torres del Paine.



Amazon Rainforest: Giant Otters, Black Caiman, Black Spider Monkeys, Jaguars, Pumas & Scarlet Macaws

The Amazon Research & Conservation Center, founded by our scientific advisor, was created to protect endangered wildlife in the Las Piedras Rainforest of southeastern Perú. The 27,000-acre reserve of primeval rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse habitats on Earth. Its threatened wildlife includes large populations of Giant River Otter, Black Caiman, Black Spider Monkey, Jaguar, Puma and Scarlet Macaw. All have CITES Appendix I status – the highest international protection category for species in danger of extinction.


Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

In Peru, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu combines ancient archaeological sites, snow-covered mountain scenery and cloud forests with a rich biodiversity that includes many different species of birds and beautiful orchids.


Archaeological & Ecological Tours in South America

Galapagos, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca, Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine, Easter Island & Beyond

In addition to wildlife expeditions, Arcana Mundi offers archaeological and ecological tours in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We invite you to view the Tour Portfolio on our Inka’s Empire Tours website.



“Dreaming of that next epic wildlife adventure? Here are your go-to guys.”

–Condé Nast Traveller




jaguars, pantanal, tours, brazil, photography, wildlife

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